“A collective incorporating many impressive DC theatre artists, the Klunch seems poised to bring a different sensibility to the DC stage.” –Howlround

Klunch | v. | slang | /klŭn(t)SH/ 1) To really get deeply involved in something like a video game, movie, etc. “Geez, look at John, he’s really getting klunched!” 2) The act of fishing with a empty canister of Vaseline. “Hey Jane, do you want to go klunch for catfish?”

Artistic Director Ian Allen
Associate Artistic Director Kate Debelack
Producers Pete Miller, Sara Cormeny
Literary Manager Anton Dudley
Media Relations Esther Neiman

The Company Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Kathleen Akerley, Catherine Aselford, Judith Baicich, Joe Banno, Sara Barker, Andrew Baughman, Lucrezia Blozia, Frank Britton, Carlos Bustamante, Melissa Bustamante, Dominic D’Andrea, Mei Chen, Kim Deane, Patrick Murphy Doneghy, Paul Donnelly, David C. Ghatan, Kittie Glitter, Jeff Goode, Tony Greenberg, Chris Griffin, Christopher Henley, Lisa Hodsoll, MV Jantzen, Rhonda Key, Monique LaForce, Ian LeValley, Wendy MacLeod, Jean H. Miller, Jason A. Milner, John Moletress, Tom Neubauer, Bridget Kathleen O’Leary, Mark Osele, Kerri Rambow, Emily Rems, Richard Renfield, Kris Roth, B. Stanley, Jeff Talbott, Justin Tanner, Andrea Thome, Yasmin Tuazon, John Tweel, John Vreeke, Amanda Williams, Karen Zacarias, Lucas Zarwell, Alex Zavistovich

Supporters Cathy M. Brentcel, Margery Berringer-Schuran, Lisa Carr, Mary DeTray, Paul Donnelly, Alison Drucker and Tom Holzman, Alison Drucker and Tom Holzman, Elizabeth and Jim Engel, David C. Ghatan, Wes MacAdam, Jason A. Milner, Lucie Neiman, Mark Okrand, Mark Osele, Christina Ruppert, Molly and Cappy Ruppert, John Sealock, Maggie and Ron Stehman, David Tannous, Darrell West, Thomas M. Woodruff, Stephen C. Wright, and… contact us to add your name to the list!