Mucho Kluncho Talent Show
Sat Sep 23, 7p-11p
Stay all night!


Hosted by
Hot Todd Lincoln & Shortstaxx (7p)
Lucrezia Blozia & Kate Debelack (8:30p)
Kittie Glitter & Lobsterboy (10p)

At the
Logan Fringe Arts Space
Trinidad Theatre
1538 Florida Ave NE
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Buy a pass, snag a drink, pack a sandwich, and get ready to binge-watch this parade of real, raw, relentless ridiiicuuuuulousness. An epic assemblage of talent, the likes of which DC hasn’t seen in centuries; performed in three 60-min(ish) blocks, with two intermissions, six hosts, and ten tons of talent! IT’S GONNA BE MUCHO! AND MUCHO IS ALWAYS BETTER!