Laura Bush Killed a Guy

May 4-June 4, 2017
@ Caos on F
923 F St NW


Laura Bush is an enigma wrapped in another enigma. She’s shy, beautiful, bookish, and in 1963, she blew through a stop sign and killed a guy. It was probably just an accident. Or maybe, just maybe… it was murder.

Join Mrs. Bush for this hilarious and heartfelt evening of real-life reminiscences of her childhood in Texas (untrue?), of her marriage to George W. Bush (a sham?), and of their rapid ascent to the very pinnacle of world power (an abomination?).

Who’s Who: The Klunch presents Laura Bush Killed a Guy, by Ian Allen, directed by John Vreeke, starring Lisa Hodsoll as Laura. Lighting by David C. Ghatan, set by Kim Deane, costume by Rhonda Key, sound by Lucas Zarwell, stage management by Laura Schlachtmeyer.