Mucho Kluncho Talent Show

Mucho Kluncho Talent Show
Sat Sep 23, 2017

Hosted by
Hot Todd Lincoln and Shortstaxx,
Lucrezia Blozia and Kate Debelack
Kittie Glitter and Lobsterboy

At the
Logan Fringe Arts Space
Trinidad Theatre
1358 Florida Ave NE
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Opera singers, jugglers, tango dancers, strippers, puppets, and waaay more! A packed house of spectators drank the night away as they binge-watched this parade of real, raw, relentless ridiiicuuuuulousness. An epic assemblage of talent, the likes of which DC hasn’t seen in centuries and probably won’t ever see again; performed in three 60-min(ish) blocks, with two intermissions, six hosts, and ten tons of talent! • The show was produced by The Klunch, with Ian Allen, Kate Debelack, Pete Miller, and Sara Cormeny; with stage management by Solomon HailieSelassie and Amanda Williams. Performances by Craig Houk, Faith Grenade, Mrs. Gertie Lou Jenkins, Miss Catherine, Ed Poe, Nino the Mad Badass, Eva Brontosaurus, Daneil Gauche!, Ellie Nicoll, Anna Steasya, Matthew Ratz, Caza Blanca, Lex and Delila, The Legendary Rick Beatty, Lilith Wisteria, Mark Osele, Johnny Kat, Christopher Henley, Sara Barker and Richard Gibson, Honi Harlow, and Carlos Bustamante.