Begins March 7
@ Caos on F
923 F St NW

Heidi the Ho, Vixen, Jimbo, and the gang are sick of doing just porn. They wanna make a real movie, with real impact. So with “art” in mind, they enlist their Yale-educated cameraman to write the script. But when his penchant for Dylan poetry, The Jew of Malta, and other academic mumbo-jumbo doesn’t quite line up with their expectations, the stage is set for the kind of comedy that can only come from the mind of Elaine May.

Acclaimed director Joe Banno returns from L.A. to helm the DC premiere of Elaine May’s Adult Entertainment. Banno, known for his productions of Mamet, and daring updates of Shakespeare, has a sure hand with edgy, take-no-prisoners comedy. The production will mark the second play by Elaine May to be mounted by The Klunch, which staged George Is Dead as the company’s debut production, in 2015.

Who’s Who: Adult Entertainment by Elaine May, directed by Joe Banno. Starring Erik Harrison, Steve Lebens, Paige O’Malley, Ellie Nicoll, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Zoe Walpole. Produced by Ian Allen, Kate Debelack, Sara Cormeny, Pete Miller. Set and Lights by David C. Ghatan, Sound by Lucas Zarwell, Music by Andrew Baughman, Costumes by Mei Chen, Choreography by Sarah Klein, Stage Management by Laura Schlachtmeyer.